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Please excuse the emptiness. It's going to take a while for me to get the reviews up. There's a ton !
After years of telling people what I thought about different movies and tv shows, I've decided to let the world in on my views. You may agree, you may not, but I hope you, at least, have a little fun during your visit here ! I like all sorts of movies ; sci-fi, classic Disney, comedy, stop-motion monster movies and good superhero movies (never Spiderman/X-Men/Fantastic Four, etc, so that's what my reviews will be primarily about. If you have a movie that you would like to see me review, send a copy my way. Just leave a note in my guestbook, along with an email to my address, so I can tell you where to send it. I'm not doing this to get free dvds (I get plenty of my own) but if you want me to review a movie that you don't see on my list, sending me a copy would be the fastest way to see a review. Also, I just got a blu-ray player, so I'll be able to review those now. Why not send me one you'd like to see a review of. Hope you enjoy the site !
Here's a list of all the dvds I own. Pick one from the list, and I'll review it. Then, once I've gone through all my own dvds, you can suggest (and send a copy if I don't have it) a movie and I'll do a review . Or if you don't want to wait for me to go through all of mine, you can go ahead and send me a movie to review (one that's not on my list)

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